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Actualizing Peak Performance


Management is a process that is used to accomplish organizational goals. To be an effective staff and manager of the organization, it is necessary to process many skills. Generally , we need to have people management skills, professional management skills and process management skills.  As technology advances and grows, the skills that are needed by staff and managers are constantly changing.


MindPower Development Academy is the center of excellence aiming at providing the above best practice knowledge and development opportunities to keep abreast of the management evolvement in Hong Kong, Macau, overseas and PRC organizations for talent production.  The professional scope of coverage extended to following areas.


 Certification Training

- Power System Engineering Professional Development Program

- Advanced Plant Maintenance Professionals, Instrumentation & Controls, Turbine & Boiler Plants

- Self Actualization & Unleashing Leadership

- Impressive Communication & High Impact Presentation Skills

- Six Sigma & Lean Green Belt / Black Belt / SMART Quality Control

- Vibration Monitoring & Diagnosis Analyst


 Consultancy Services

- Corporate / Team / Personal Coaching

- Change Management

- Business Process Re-engineering

- Construction Safety & Quality Management

- Human Resources Management

- Engineering Professional Status

- Plant Reliability Improvement

- Plant Operations & Maintenance

- Engineering Contract Management

- Asset Management, Plant Condition Monitoring


About "Self-Actualising Peak Safety Performance in Large Scale Project Management" seminar

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Reaching Interdependent Stage